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Her Excellence Lady Emanuela De Marchi hailing from Milan Italy, has a compassionate soul that compels her to dedicate her life to helping others… in fact, she has been successfully involved with so many organizations there are too many to list in our opening paragraph!  You will find the list at the end of our interview.


It is The Global Townhall’s honor to welcome H.E. Lady Emanuela De Marchi to discuss success and her latest projects.



Ramy Wanas:  What factors have made you successful in life?

H.E. Lady Emanuela De Marchi:  The Ability to Overcome Diversity: Having experienced much adversity as a young girl, I developed the survival instinct at an early age. I learned the lesson that if you wanted to not only stay alive, but also make something of yourself, you had to fight. 

You become what you believe; you are where you are today in your life based
on everything you have believed.

For me it was also a strong sense of responsibility to others, compassion and the courage to follow my passions.  What I know for sure is that if you want to have success, you can’t make success your goal. The key is not to worry about being successful, but to instead work toward being significant, and the success will naturally

When your goals are realistic and match your desires, you will be motivated. When you're motivated and work hard towards your goals, you will succeed. When you succeed, your motivation will grow, you will set new goals, and continue to achieve


Ramy Wanas:  What important lesson have you learned in your professional life?

H.E. Lady Emanuela De Marchi:
 I have learned to hold on.  I believe that if we all believe strongly in something, and we implement all options, or search for new ways, we can give life to our dreams.  This engages us more so we can achieve our goals.


Ramy Wanas:  When did you first start to want to help humanity?

H.E. Lady Emanuela De Marchi:  I think that is something that is born in the soul, an innate sensitivity.   I have always had a desire to pay particular attention to those less fortunate than ourselves.




Ramy Wanas:  As Chief Strategy Advisor for World Envision, what are the latest achievements for the organization?

H.E. Lady Emanuela De Marchi:  This year, the project includes the construction of the Training Center, Women Empowerment and the start of the project of Naturopathy.


Ramy Wanas:  What is the essence of World Envision from your role or point of view?

H.E. Lady Emanuela De Marchi:  World Envision refers to a vision as a real future possibility, to picture in our mind, and then to conceive the possibility of a project. 


Ramy Wanas:  What do you think about current events in the world?

H.E. Lady Emanuela De Marchi:  The world is going through a difficult and delicate stage at an international level.  With my project, I intend to continue to be on the side of those in need, without political involvement, but in respect for human dignity.



Ramy Wanas:  Are you planning to introduce this in the poor countries in the world?

H.E. Lady Emanuela De Marchi:  World Envision Project was created with the hope that the same project can be copied in other parts of the world; everyone is welcome.


Ramy Wanas:  Are you satisfied with what has been achieved?

H.E. Lady Emanuela De Marchi:  The project has not a beginning and an end, but rather the need for attention to be constant over time, due to the multiplicity of interventions that will always to implement.


Ramy Wanas:  Are mergers with other entities acceptable?

H.E. Lady Emanuela De Marchi:  I have not yet evaluated this possibility, but I do not exclude external equity as a form of cooperation in some project.





Thank you very much Lady Emanuela De Marchi.  I wish you continued success.

These are some of the organizations that
H.E. Lady Emanuela De Marchi is or was involved with:

Chief Strategist World Envision
Goodwill Ambassador for IHRCIM - Italy 
International Human Rights Commission for Indigenous and Minority 
IHM Council of Representative of World Peace Committee in ltaly 
ICBC Ambassador at Large for Human Rights
FBC Italian Blue Cross Society
DCBC Ambassador Envoy to Palestine
National Delegate to the Global Committee of DCBC
Council of Representative in ltaly
The World Peace Committee
World Peace Gong
World Ambassador Of Blue Spirit Travel Group

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