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Danny Green Interview With Gabrielle Reilly 


Danny Green, Australian Olympic athlete and 3x world champion boxer, has fast become a much loved Aussie hero (except amongst his opponent's fans but that just makes for more excitement ringside).   Danny has rescued a man from drowning at sea, quietly contributed to those in need and is known as a real family man.  Seems many of my friends that live around his hometown of Perth, Western Australia have a lovely "Danny Green" story that emerged as I mentioned Danny on Face Book.  Besides his near win of the coveted ballroom trophy on Dancing with the Stars, Danny has accrued an impressive track record of achieving world class results.  So what separates Danny Green from the pack?   

Learn more on the allusive "athletes mind" from a world class athlete and more about this Aussie hero's life and dreams...


Gabrielle Reilly:  What words of advice can you offer aspiring athletes?

Danny Green:  Nothing substitutes hard work.  Don't expect to be given anything.  You have to work harder than your opponent does to be victorious against them.  The main thing whilst you are young, fit and healthy is not to forget to enjoy yourself.  Laugh as much as possible, when you are laughing you are relaxed and when you are relaxed you can work harder, faster and stronger!  There is no point in putting in the work and making sacrifices to become the world champion if you are not enjoying yourself.  Since coming out of retirement I have never enjoyed myself more in boxing.

Gabrielle Reilly:  After competing in a martial arts tournament myself, I realized the last few minutes of a fight (particularly if it goes into overtime) is where you have to reach down deeper than you've ever had to go to pull that something out of yourself to win.  Can you tell us how you mentally and physically process the final portion of a fight?

Danny Green:  I nearly died in a boxing ring and was rushed to hospital after being severely dehydrated.  I still managed to win every round for 10 rounds even though I can't remember a thing after the fifth round! There is significant mental strength and a touch of lunacy required in fighting to make it to the top.

Gabrielle Reilly:  Tell us about your upcoming fight against Roy Jones Jr.

Danny Green:  It's a really big deal and I'm really excited about, it the biggest fight in Australian boxing history, against one of the greatest fighters of all time, he is an 7 time world champ and myself a 3 time world champ so between us there is a lot of ability which will make for an explosive fight.


Gabrielle Reilly:  Does the rivalry between you and Anthony Mundine extend to outside the ring?

Danny Green:  Yes it does.  He has said some ridiculous things and told lies to the community which were uncalled for and unnecessary.  We had a chance to unite a nation and he to choose to divide and therefore, he is not on my Christmas card list!


Gabrielle Reilly:  Seems I favor having guests at The Global Townhall that have competed on Dancing with the Stars like Supermodel & Supermogul Kathy Ireland.   Do you have any words of advice or insider tips for my upcoming guests as a successful competitor yourself placing second in the Australia version of the show?

Danny Green:  Make sure they have as much fun as possible and do not take themselves too seriously.  The thing that helped me get as far as I did is that I laughed at myself more than anything and I had no expectations and therefore no pressure.  I recommend Kathy calls me up for some personal dancing lessons!


Gabrielle Reilly:  Tell us about "The Fight Game."

Danny Green:  Go online to - it's a documentary finished in 2005.  Although a few years back now, it will give outsiders an insider's view on boxing.  The Fight Game documentary features myself but is based on the fight game, hence the title.  It is an extremely tough sport where only those mentally strong enough make it to the top.  Plenty of people are superstars in the gym but when it comes to the fight night they fold.  Turning it on on fight night is what makes a world champion fighter.


Gabrielle Reilly:  Why did you want to come back out of retirement?

Danny Green:  Isn't that what every boxer does? J

When I decided to retire I felt very comfortable in my decision.  As time transpired I felt I had more to offer and I made the right decision to come back as I won my third world title, which I am now defending in the biggest fight in Australia against one of the world's greatest fighters, being Roy Jones Jnr.  Funnily enough at the age of 36 my performances are proving that I am a better fighter.  Experience and wisdom has helped me to become a more complete and dangerous fighter.  The redlining adrenaline rush that I feel when entering the ring is something I will miss forever so I am making sure I enjoy what's left.  I am also blessed to put bread and butter on the table for my family by doing something that I am good at and something that I love.


Gabrielle Reilly:  What do you want to do when you retire from boxing permanently after testing the waters briefly?

Danny Green:  I want to be able to coach my children's sporting teams, my daughter's netball or my son's football or whatever they choose to do.  I want to spend time with them, guiding and helping them to enjoy life and have as much fun as they can whilst they are still kids.  I'm putting in the hard yards now so I can spend as much time with them as possible while they are still young and still think Dad is cool because as teenagers I have a feeling I will turn into the much loved taxi driver!


Gabrielle Reilly:  With more time pressures between being such a great father/husband and giving your full commitment to a successful career, do you find it difficult/awkward to be able to keep up with all the people you would love to if time was on your side?

Danny Green:  Definitely!  I need 36 hours a day.  I love people, I love company and it is definitely hard having such close friends and having met so many generous, good people and living in two separate states a five hour plane flight away. 


Gabrielle Reilly:  You are known for being very generous by those who know you (a friend told me about you assisting a Perth fireman who has a disabled child).  What cause (s) are you most passionate about?

Danny Green:  Without doubt children in need, families in need and people less fortunate than I am.  I have my health, my children have their health and I consider myself to be very fortunate.  It is simply a way of life for me to put a smile on someone's face, when I am doing my bit to make the world a better place.


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