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By Gabrielle Reilly  

You need to find a vision that will give you the burning in your belly that motivates you to stick with exercise. What makes you burn? Is it the class reunion? Is it a vacation? A partner? Is it being a role model for your children to help reduce their chances of living a poor quality life from obesity?

Find pictures that inspire you and put them on your bathroom mirror, by your computer, or in your kitchen to constantly remind you of what, if you could have anything you want, you would wish for. Have constant daily reminders to keep you focused on the bullseye.

The pictures also normalize us. For example, as my long term fitness goals I have pictures by my computer of Cory Everson and Elaine Goodman who looks and feels terrific at 39. Both women are in peak condition. I am normalizing myself to how I want to maintain my fitness lifestyle in the future as well as now.

Before you begin an exercise program recognize exercising needs to be on your list of daily activities that gets top priority like brushing your teeth. 

When and how you work out is also crucial. Statistics show people who work out in the morning are 75% more likely to continue working out for the long term. Something often comes up in the evenings or you're too tired to make it to the gym etc that throws your training off.

To maintain your physic the way it is now work out three times a week.  If you are looking to improve your body, work out five times a week.

If it is a struggle actually getting to the gym, particularly in winter, or you don't have enough time, workout at home. It is great to jump out of bed at 6 am walk down the hall, get on the stepper and catch up on reading or watch your favorite show while you work out.

On mornings you lift weights read a page or two of a fitness magazine to inspire you to have a great workout. Reading fitness magazines is essential for consistency in exercise and diet. "As we think so shall we become" Buddha.

On days when you just do 45 minutes or an hour of cardio, read books that you would not normally have time to read once your day begins. The stepper is awesome for toning your thighs and gluts (bottom) as well as for your cardio. So the hour you spend in the morning can be dedicated to improving both physically and mentally or just having some fun.  Look for ways to make exercise joyful.

For weight lifting I recommend a workout from New Zealand called "Body Pump" which includes a home video and equipment also. Body Pump is great for both men and women and all you need is a step and a bar bell. It incorporates medium weights with high reps at a low cardio pace so you burn fat and develop muscle in one workout. and it is fun. I first took a Body Pump class eight years ago in the Outback, Australia and have never been able to go back to traditional weight lifting since.

If you don't have 45 minutes to dedicate to working out at one time, or get bored, maybe grab 15 minutes three times a day and walk around the block, dance while dancing with the stars is on or do something else you love.

Please remember diet represents 85% of your results so remember to choose what you eat wisely. Get plenty of sleep so your body can repair and you will have enough energy to continue to work-out consistently. Remember as 1+1=2, exercise + reduced calories= weight loss. It is that simple. So first get a vision that will inspire you to want to work-out before you ever set foot in the gym, keep that vision in front of you every day and let your enthusiasm drive you.

Of course consult a doctor before you begin any workout program.

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The glow of inspiration warms us;
it is a holy rapture.

- Publius Ovidius NasoOvid

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