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Ronn Moss Interview With Gabrielle Reilly 

Ronn Moss, or Ridge Forrester star of The Bold and the Beautiful as he is commonly known today, started his big splash in the world in the 70's with the no. 1 hit song "Baby Come Back" with the band "Player."  So handsome, easy going and talented in so many ways, Ronn was destined for fame.  One thing many Americans may not now about Ronn though, is how much he loves Australia... and how the feeling is so totally mutual.

We are thrilled to have Ronn Moss with us on The Global Townhall.  Ronn talks of his love for my other homeland Australia, about fitness, diet, Dancing with the Stars, Italy, inspiration and of his greatest passion in life, his gorgeous wife and stunning daughters, in this two part interview with us.

Gabrielle Reilly:  You have an exceptional fan base in Australia!  I saw they wanted to nominate you "Australian of the Year" which was used as a pun in a great ad for Berri Orange Juice in South Australia (Ronn's ad is posted at bottom of page.)  How did you develop such a great following there? 

Ronn Moss:  Australia took me by surprise. When I first traveled there, I had some feeling about Australians because I had a hand full of friends over the years who were born there.  But when I actually experienced several regions of Australia, I felt completely at ease there.

The people all seem to have a no bullshit attitude about life and friendship. If I went there and had my own 'holier than thou' attitude, they would have just said 'get the hell out of here with all that.'  I'm not at all like that. I love a good laugh, I love a good bevy, and I don't take myself that seriously. For the first time ever in this business I'm in, I felt I could say and do 'anything' and it would be OK. Even on tv and radio, everyone is open, honest, and usually having a great fun time. There's a sense of irreverence about Australians that I love.  I think, because of this shared temperament, I bonded with them.

I made what seems like several trips to Australia over the first few years, doing my music and touring around many of the regions including going all the way over to Perth, which I must say is probably the cleanest and newest cities I've ever seen. Anyway, Australia seemed to adopt me in a way I did not expect. That's why I've had a love affair with that country ever since.

Gabrielle Reilly:  Yes, Perth is a STUNNING city and even prettier today. Do you enjoy South Australia and the Riverland region that Berri sits in?

Ronn Moss:  Very much. I was able to spend a little time there while filming the commercial and loved the countryside. I'd love to go back there and film a movie in the near future.

Gabrielle Reilly:  Besides being perfect as Ridge Forrester in The Bold and Beautiful, you are also a great musician and have a great voice!  After having chart topping songs have you been torn between music and acting?

Ronn Moss:  Thanks for both those kudos. Always appreciated. But I've never been torn between the two. I love doing both. One became a great day job and the other remains my favorite nighttime artistic avenue.

Gabrielle Reilly:  What is one of your favorite life philosophies that may inspire our readers?

Ronn Moss:  To just always listen to and follow your heart in anything you do. And then do it as well as you can. I don't care if you're picking up trash or running a billion dollar corporation, do it with class and finesse, and have respect for everyone around you. I guess I always try and live by the "Golden Rule."  Do unto others before they do unto you... Wait, it's "Do unto others as you'd want them to do unto you." Or something like that..


Gabrielle Reilly:  Stay tuned for Part 2 of Ronn Moss's interview.

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Galleries: Photos courtesy of Bell-Phillip Television Productions, Inc.; Gilles Toucas, photographer

DTWS Photos: Photo courtesy of Olycom


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