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By Gabrielle Reilly 

The notion that an individual can only achieve their dreams through great effort and struggle is largely a Western lie we are all sold. Will your dreams be achieved by non-action or without intent? Most likely not. Productivity is obviously required, but it is the intent, attitude, and efficiency of thoughts and actions that determine whether life will be a struggle or not. As Richard Bach (author of Jonathan Livingston Seagull, One, and many other books) states, "The more I want to get something done, the less I call it work." Our intentions create our reality. It is when we put actions to our inner pleadings that they become a physical reality. So, how do we achieve what we most desire in life without struggle?

When I intend to live a healthier life and I know this is the case in my mind, I usually get right up and do some exercise, even if it means simply walking around the block. The intention can literally turn the thought into action. Intention puts inspiration in your life. When you are inspired, you feel purposeful. You won't have to wait for it because with intent, the inspiration is available in the moment. In that moment you are at harmony with yourself and your physical world.

When you act on that inspiration, it is a lot less like work and does not require discipline. Instead, the problem often becomes trying to slow yourself down. So much joy is found in even the most menial tasks. Even washing the dishes can bring joy when you are grateful that you have a dish to wash and running water to wash the dish in. Two hundred years ago people would have rejoiced to not have to go to the river to gather water for day-to-day tasks. If you intend to live in joy, changing your consciousness is essential.

"Rearrange your priorities for a day. Make your mental images the most important part of your life and live according to them for the day. See yourself having a pleasant, loving evening with your spouse or loved one. Get the picture in your mind and see it working out exactly in the way that would be pleasant for both of you. Don't let this picture go. This is an alignment with your spiritual self first. It is all still an invisible thought. Now act that thought out exactly in the manner you first created in your mind. This is how you shift your alignment to consider first your spiritual side, and then allow your physical world to flow from that alignment.

"You can do this with anything that occupies your daily life. First align yourself with your loving presence that is there with you in your mind, get the picture firmly and act on it. Spiritual beings do not allow their thoughts and feelings to flow from their actions; they understand that their thoughts create their physical world. By aligning yourself here first and keeping that priority uppermost in your mind, you'll soon see how easy it is to keep that alignment operating throughout your daily life." This came from a handwritten page of one of my ten-year-old journals. It had no accreditation, so I am not sure who wrote this, but I wanted to share it.

Experience the real magic of life in the moment here and now. Look at your surroundings, compare them to how a villager in the Congo lives who has just watched her family be massacred and village burnt. This comparison should take you to your knees in true gratitude for your life. Often it is not until we know what the alternatives could be that we put the real value on the good fortune in our life. As Ben Franklin puts it, "It is only when the well is dry that we know the price of water." Life is truly magic when you supersede the pitfall of supply and demand with an appreciation of life's treasures and cherish all that is around you in the here and now.


Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die,
life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly.

- Langston Hughes


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