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"I love The Global Townhall.  I would have to say that Gabrielle Reilly is one of the most interesting and dynamic people I have come across for a long time, we should all stand aside and listen to HER stories. I loved the question's she asked and would love to read any thing she has to print, this woman is going place's...  xx A fan Kelly Le Brock."  Kelly LeBrock Interview


"Thanks so much for having me on The Global Townhall.  It has been a pleasure."  Mads Mikkelsen - star of 007 Casino Royale, Clash of the Titans etc.  Mads Mikkelsen Interview


"I have read your column (The Global Townhall) with joy!  Great interviews and discussion points.  Thank-you for sharing; it is great work. "  General Robert Caslen, 3 Star General in Command of the Combined Arms Center.


"She's (Gabrielle Reilly) a very dynamic young woman whom I nominated for Young Australian of the Year," says Lim (Richard Lim, Deputy Leader Northern Territory Australia)"  Gabrielle was very proud to be defeated for the title by aboriginal Olympic Gold Medalist, Cathy Freeman.


"Reilly doesn't know if she will visit Australia before the election - although "A Current Affair" and Today Tonight (and maybe even "The 7.30 Report") will be falling over themselves to get her on camera is she does."


"One of my funnier experiences in Darwin was when I was in the Miss Australia Awards," she (Gabrielle Reilly) said. "We were all dressed up and taken on a beautiful champagne, sunset hovercraft cruise. There was not a toilet on board and many of the girls on board were just busting to go after a glass or two of champagne. The hovercraft pulled up on a sandbank in the middle of nowhere and all you saw was a bunch of contestants running down the beach in formal wear to glamorously squat in one of the few areas with any scrub." (We were all worried about crocs grabbing us.)


"Gabrielle, it's been really lovely speaking with you. Still can't figure out how an Aussie ended up in Kansas of all places, this is a first for me to be interviewed in Kansas!  Thanks for having me on The Global Townhall."  Leslie Nielsen star of Naked Gun and Scary Movie.  Leslie Nielsen Interview.

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Gabrielle Reilly is a global executive with over 23 years of experience working with influential thought leaders around the world. She has worked alongside a President of Shell Oil, a NASA astronaut, 4 American 3-Star Generals, and a billionaire, gaining valuable insights and expertise in the Americas, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Her unique world-class experience has provided her with an abundance of ideas, strategies, and solutions that she has utilized to greatly transform and improve organizations through communications, stakeholder and change management projects.

Using her exceptional stakeholder and communication skills, Ms. Reilly has led a global company from start-up to working on projects with budgets of up to $80 million and teams of up to 40. She has created visions for major projects, taking them from vision to transformational implementation. She has consulted with Fortune 100 companies, celebrities, billionaires, 3-star generals, government officials, elected leaders, dignitaries, astronauts, and poverty-stricken people. Her transferable skill sets across different industries include executive-level communications and public relations, leadership, management, visionary development, deep relationship-building, negotiation, sales, keynote speaking, advising, customer relations, diplomacy, national security, digital marketing, social media, event management, program management, political advising, and property development.

Ms. Reilly's work is driven by her passion for improving people's lives, stemming from her childhood experiences living with locals in Papua New Guinea and Asia. She has also served as an Executive Board Member on some world-class international boards, including a United States Military board whose alumni include Colin Powell, General Petraeus, and President Eisenhower. Gabrielle calls upon her influential global network to assist with her projects, leading with big visions and enjoying outstanding world-class outcomes.

As an international guest speaker, she has spoken at events around the world, traveling to over 50 countries in her capacity as CEO and guest speaker.

Ms. Reilly has also worked in different capacities in real estate in the Perth, Alice Springs, and American markets, buying her first investment property at age 21 and going on to own 6 investment properties herself by age 28. She was a Young Australian of the Year Finalist for the subdivisions of homes she personally created to provide first-time-home-buyers an opportunity to build a strong foundation for their family's financial well-being, a cause she is still passionate about today.



Gabrielle is  Honorary Chair of the US Military International Military Gala held at Kansas City's Kauffman Center for Performing Arts (compare to the Sydney Opera House.)  The Gala is dedicated to welcoming International Military Officers from around the world to train at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas for one year.  Former Officer's include Indonesia's President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, Singapore's Prime Minister and the King of Bahrain.


"International Military Officers and their families from over 90 countries become good friends after spending a year together trainng at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.   These relationships have been repetitedly known to later avoid conflict, causing peace and stability globally.  This is why I am such an avid supporter of the Command and General Staff College Foundation." Gabrielle Reilly



For the 2016 International Friendship Gala, super model and business owner Kathy Ireland made Gabrielle a welcome video to play at the Gala.


Gabrielle says "I’m Australian American and have grown up travelling the world including living in Papua New Guinea for three years.  I’m somewhat of a cautious adventure traveler meaning I’ve been dog sledding in the Artic, have ridden camels in the Sahara Desert, a sampan (dingy boat) through the North Vietnam juggle, have been elephant riding in Asia, and swam with sting rays.  The list goes on and on. 

Life is exciting and I thrive on the unknown and grand ideas.

I also dedicate some of my interviews to human rights and national security issues.


On a much more personal note, I want to share with you my core values that influence all my decisions.   When I was about 6 years old I woke in the night to a vision that shone brightly, consuming me; I had a vision that I would grow up to connect and unite world leaders, legends and influencers to help in any aspect of global stability, security and peace.  I wanted to improve the human condition everywhere.   I still get chills thinking of that moment that changed my life.

I was deeply influenced by the selfless service of Mother Theresa (and yes, I even played in a nuns habit,) Martin Luther King’s ability to move people for the greater good of mankind and Wonder Woman’s ability to put a nice wrapping on saving the world (good marketing.)

I’ve travelled to over 50 countries often staying with the locals in remote regions off the tourist tracks.  After living in America for 19 years, I’ve been involved with some of the most influential people in the world.   So the vision that engulfed me at age 6, was perhaps what one would label a “calling” or “destiny.”"



CEO and Founder The Gabrielle Reilly Weekly 2002-2010

After 9/11 Gabrielle was compelled to use her international experience growing up in Australia, Papua New Guinea and years collectively travelling to over 40 countries, to try to mitigate the hatred around the world of America. Born and raised in Australia Gabrielle became a US citizen in 2002. The premise that the more people hated America, the more terrorists would be recruited, therefore the more conflict would arise, drove Gabrielle’s interest in diplomacy.


Gabrielle parlayed her international following as a model and global correspondent and spent years talking on radio stations and newspapers around the world including the BBC, The Australian, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Bulletin, the ABC, on such hot issues as Abu Ghraib.  The Gabrielle Reilly Weekly generated some tremendous traffic on the internet.  

Board Experience:

Executive Officer on the Command and General Staff College Foundation Board of Trustees, Fort Leavenworth (current)

International Relations Council of Kansas City (Board Member 2008-2011)

Greater Kansas City People to People (Board Member 2006-2010)



Women In National Security (WINS) sub group of Business Executives for National Security (BENS) in DC (2011 to Present)

Command and General Staff College Foundation Donor

FBI Citizens Academy (2011 to Present)

Set America Free Coalition (2004- Present)

Navy League (2013- Present)

Council for National Policy (CNP, 2002-2004)

International Relations Council of Kansas City (Board Member 2008-2010)

Greater Kansas City People to People (Board Member 2006-2008)

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